Update: Here is our General Store

We are a "work in progress" and have many gift ideas

If you have any suggestions

please email us here

We offer a variety of goods and services.  Just check out
the links.  If you want a nice overview of everything we
offer and how to get there, check out our Site Map.

Please note that, while most of our goods and services are
"made to order" and can be purchased repeatedly in any
quantity, some of our offerings are "first come, first serve".  
This means that once the item is gone, there will be no
more.  This is particularly true of Books, Models and
Militaria and Collectible items.

Other offerings of goods and services are pre-made (such
as finished Ceramics, some Needlecrafts and some
Embroidery) meaning that what you see is what you get.

Yet most of what we are selling is made per your
specifications (Gourmet Treats in your specified flavors,
Candles and Soaps in your desired colors/scents, etc.)

Details of this nature will be outlined for each offering on
it's main page so that you, the buyer, can be fully aware of
what you are purchasing.

If you have questions, check out our FAQ page.  If you
can't find it there, head over to our Contact Us page to
send us a message.

And if you want to know more about who we are and why
we are doing this, check out the About Us page.

May your experience with Raberware.com and it's
Crafty Maam Gifts, and The Dutch Oven
Catering be a pleasant one!